The Good Place

26x 20 min.

Wat is dit voor leuke onzin? Het zag er leuk en helder gekleurd uit (á la Pushing Daisies, dat ik altijd als standaard voor ‘TV met felle kleuren’ zal gebruiken), en online was er enthousiasme voor, maar nog niet op de vervelende door-de-strot manier. The-Good-Place-poster

Blijkt het stiekem geen onzin. Maar toch ook wel, maar dat moet je zelf ontdekken. Kort gezegd: Eleanor is nogal een eikel, sterft en komt in The Good Place terecht. Hier komen activisten, professoren, zeer goede mensen terecht. En zij dus, en ze heeft vrij snel door dat ze er niet hoort. Maar ja, als je elke keer hoort dat de andere optie vliegende vier-koppige beren zijn ..

Eleanor probeert dus een beter mens te worden. De mensen om haar heen maken het er niet makkelijker op.

Het is een snelle, lichte serie met genoeg kneepjes waardoor het allemaal net wat scherper wordt. En het staat hier op Netflix, dus je kan er helemaal snel en soepel doorheen schieten.

The Good Place, NBC 2016


Girls Trip

162 min.

Well, never a dull moment. Not that I expected anything else, the trailer was already filled with peeing in public, sexual innuendos (and just plain comments), yelling, laughing and loud messes. You saw it with The Hangover and the dozens of similar girls-trip-postermovies, now it’s the turn of the girls.

As in every buddy-on-the-road movie there’s familiar types for everyone to recognise themselves in. The loud one, the disillusioned one, the boring one, the one (seemingly) complete in control. They haven’t seen each other in years because of some disgruntlement(s), served up whenever the speed needs to be picked up again.

Sometimes it’s a bit too loud and too crass, but the majority of the time it’s the silly fun that’s almost always welcome. Also; try to catch it in the cinema (or a large(r) group), the crowd definitely completes the experience.

Girls Trip, Universal Pictures 2017

The Big Sick

124 min.

Hallelujah, another romcom. With some coming-of-age elements. And fish-out-of-water, because this romantic comedy largely involves an immigrant family in the USA. Which means there’s people of colour involved as well, score! I know this could be read as sarcastic, but I feel like romantic stories are even more often super white than other The-Big-Sick-postermovie genres.

Kumail and Emily meet when he’s doing a standup show, both decide that this meet up is going to be an one time thing.  Good thing we know there’s way too much chemistry between the two of them to believe that.

Romantic gestures, fights, breaks ups and make ups are (mostly) thrown aside for a much bigger game changer: Emily becomes seriously ill. How does a relationship work with/around that?

Kumail goes through some Life Lessons, while Emily is (more) fleshed out through the presence of her parents. It’s their chemistry that doesn’t make you ask too much questions, just look at the darn cute of them. The other characters are everything you need in a romantic comedy.

The Big Sick, FilmNation Entertainment 2017

The Wedding Party

110 min.

The world is a global village: how else would I have discovered a Nigerian movie (and had been able to watch it through Netflix, thanks Netflix)?

The-Wedding-Party-posterThe glorious years of endless amounts of fun romantic comedies seem to have come and gone, so I take everything recommended. It’s not essential, it adds some fun variety between everything Marvel churns out versus Oscar material. The Wedding Party was recommended with ‘Not as dramatic and all over the place and most Nigerian movies. And cute.’  So yes, sure, why not.
If this wasn’t ‘not as’, I’m curious about the usual level of hysteria and dramatics. Because in this movie there’s plenty of yelling, fake fainting, (muttered) insults and musical introductions. As in – families are introduced with dancing. This might be a regular Nigerian wedding thing, but it definitely changes up the well known wedding mile. Anyway, the drama has a valid reason (of course): the husband’s family doesn’t think his future wife is good enough for him, the wife’s family handles the insult with as much grace as a hippo in a mini pool.
It’s fun though. It’s loud and weird and kind of all over the place, but it’s clear what everyone’s place is and how this story is going to end. In case you need a romantic comedy, here you go.
The Wedding Party, FilmOne 2016

Miss India America

95 min.

Sometimes the best love stories are the ones involving friendship and self esteem. Although you could just call this a cute coming-of-age story as well and don’t worry about in your face Life Lessons and soppy scenes.
miss india americaMain character Lily always wins, no matter what the battle is. She has her entire life planned out, but of course life – being what it is – doesn’t go with that. Her boyfriend breaks off with her, because of a pageant miss! One of those dumb, shallow creatures (it takes her some time to realise her misogynistic ideas)!
Of course this means that Lily is going to have to win a pageant to win her boyfriend back. Even though she knows it’s a superficial mess, pulls her best friend away from what she wants (to participate), and just doesn’t know yet that you can’t ‘win’ people.
Boyfriend is just the katalysator for things here anyway, and nary a man is found after the first few scenes. They’re all weaker than Lily and her friends and competition, whom are learning about their culture, their place in it and that there are lines you don’t cross to win.
That’s how we get Lily recognising that you can’t keep an iron clad grip on everything-/one, and that life is nicer with people around than medals.

Miss India America, Simhan and Kapoor 2015


123 min.
Why didn’t I watch this sooner? And why did I had to dig down to the eighties for a Female Friendship Is Awesome kind of movie? How do I get my hair like Bette Midler’s red curls?

beaches-movie-posterBeaches is the story of Hilary Whitney and C.C. Bloom. Two young girls from very different backgrounds start a friendship. Of course, as friendships go, it’s not just roses and happiness. One of them grows up a lot more colourful than the other (Midler’s C.C., who goes all out in outfits and hairdo’s to fit her star studded career path), fights happen and are resolved again. It’s almost completely focused on the two women and how they evolve. Heck, there’s even conversations that aren’t about men, making this a Bechdel-friendly movie.

But? Yes, friendships don’t always end well, even if the people involved don’t want them to. It gives a tad more weight to the happy fluffiness — because it’s so very clear that Hilary and C.C. are the Real Friendship Deal. The movie’s balanced enough to not hurt your teeth, just your heart.  Still, it’s worth the fun and colour of it all. A classic on the softer side of things.
Beaches, Touchstone Pictures 1988

The Heat

123 min.

Het is toch net een iets ander cliché als het vrouwen zijn. Deze film had net zo makkelijk dertien in een dozijn kunnen zijn met Seth Rogen/James Franco, The Rock/Kevin Hart, of een ander mannelijk koppel uit de Jude Apatow stal. Buddy cop comedy met mannelijke buddies, natuurlijk! Maar deze keer dan dus niet. Met twee vrouwelijke hoofdrolspelers.

the heat posterDie allebei ook twee grote clichés spelen. De ene is uptight, een kenau workaholic waar niemand mee kan/wil samenwerken, de ander is te aggressief, te aso, en niemand wil/kan met haar samenwerken. Dan is er ook nog een plot van “niemand gelooft ons/iedereen werkt ons tegen/alleen wij kunnen dit redden” en de bingokaart van clichés is compleet.

Gelukkig is het grappig, zelfs wanneer het banaal en fout is en iets te lang duurt. Door de clichés waardoor je weet wat je kunt verwachten, maar ook omdat Bullock en McCarthy zo’n lol schijnen te hebben. Het kan dus best wel een keertje, vrouwen in de hoofdrol.

The Heat, Twentieth Century Fox 2013