Even tussen neus en lippen door: wrote more than 500 posts here. Uhu.


Readathon: live

14:00 hours life happens when you’re busy making readathon plans: we’re leaving two hours earlier than expected. Read? Newspaper. I’m taking my book with me, but not great at reading in the car. This might turn out to be a eight hour readathon.

16:00 hours

22:00 hours back home, read about forty pages. Book is weird enough and versatile enough to probably easily get me through the next hours. Going to read until I reach the last fifty pages: I need something left for work – traffic transport this week.

24:00 hours I started reading at 14.15: page 45. Now, at 23:45, I’m at page 149. Little over a hundred pages in ten hours is nothing in my book, but as I might have been reading less than two hours in those ten hours ..not that bad. I’m taking the book to bed, in case I wake up somewhere during the night. I wonder if I will dream of art deco movies on Venus because of it.

10:00 hours Page 175, good morning. It’s been ages since I read in bed, instead of just grabbing my tablet to check on ONTD. I guess this readathon – although I’m participating on the amateur kiddie level – helps you move your focus back to reading. And I say this as someone reading up to eight books  a month.
I underestimated my book keeping skills. No, not administration-wise (though I don’t think I do those too badly either), but books kept to read. I realised I still have Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance lying around. It doesn’t call to me at all, but it takes the brake off of my reading of Radiance. Approx. four hours for 260 pages, let’s see how this goes.

12:00 hours Now my stubborn streak strikes. Page 260 and I want to be done with it, finish this book in the next two hours so I don’t have to look at it again. The randomness of it (collected stories, scripts, interviews) make it both easier and harder. I don’t have to follow one plot line, but that means there might not be one satisfying conclusion either. I read on.

14:00 hours And that’s it. Done. In the end there was kind of a conclusion, just maybe not the one I thought of to be a possibility. Reviewing Radiance is going to be a challenge. The readathon, even though I felt like I participated in the smallest way (no challenges, friends, donations added), was fun. A throw back to the time of staying up late, waking up early, walking into the restroom with your book – all because reading had to be done. So yes, I’ll probably be around for the October edition.


Whoever thought that this was a good idea. Tomorrow is Dewey’s 24 hour readathon, and in a moment of I-don’t-know I signed up for it.

Anyway, I am allowed to start at 14.00 hours local time, and after that it’s just ..reading, I guess.
I have 400 pages left of Catherynne M. Valente’s Radiance. I read her children’s book The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making and am very curious about her ‘adult’ writing.

In the evening I’ll go indoor skydiving for my mother’s birthday, but if I need more to read/have more time to read, I have the ebook Every Heart A Doorway. This was a free download earlier this week at Tor.com, and I couldn’t resist. It’s also just a novella, and what’s another 100+ pages?

Am I going to be reading through the night? Very probably not, but it still means that I’m going to need something to read until two o’clock Sunday afternoon. I have the latest volume of Saga left, and I always re-read the previous volume, so that’s a chunk. If life still hasn’t eaten away my reading time, I have a manuscript left: 80.000 words. Surely that will get me to two.

Let’s do this, I’ll keep you updated!



P.S. it being the weekend, I also have a fat weekend newspaper with two appendixes and a magasine. Sounds like a back up to me!

Best of 2016

Juliet Takes A Breath // The Diviners // De voddenkoningin // Between The World And Me // Discord’s Apple // Guardian of the Dead

The Little Paris Bookshop // One of Us // The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland In A Ship Of Her Own Making // Hushed // Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

The Imperfectionists // Cherry // Murdoch’s World // Love is a mix tape

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Hi // Hallo

Boeken opgeven

Niet alleen voor betere boeken gaan, maar dan ook eerder opgeven met de slechtere. Ik ben er niet goed in, een boek weg leggen. En waarom eigenlijk niet? Ik haal mijn boeken alleen uit een bibliotheek, daar betaal ik jaarlijks één bedrag voor dat ik er makkelijk uithaal. De boeken hebben geen emoties, mijn opgeven van een verhaal wordt nergens vastgelegd (behalve misschien voortaan hier, dus).

Waarom dan toch die neiging, stomme koppigheid, om vast te blijven houden? Omdat je anders toegeeft dat je de verkeerde keuze hebt gemaakt? Omdat jij als lezer een boek moet kunnen overwinnen (alsof het een gevecht móet zijn)? Er is altijd een beter boek te vinden, ik zorg altijd voor een stapeltje als back up.

Dus nee, vanaf nu niet meer vechten en ploeteren. Als het boek klote, saai, slecht, onleesbaar is, gaat het dicht. Permanent.

Books of 2015

This year was pretty disappointing? I read 84 books, and only 12 I would full-heartedly recommend. I don’t know if that means I have to start working harder on picking better books or that I’m just too spoiled. When you read a lot, you know what you don’t and do count as super good books. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I’ve had a horrible year: it’s just that there weren’t that many life changers.

In no particular order, except the one in which I read them:
Hate List surprised me with how intense a YA novel could be.
The Rathbones is beautiful and dark, a story that feels like a 3D experience.
Dorothy Must Die shows that new twists on old stories (Wizard of Oz) can work really well.
Holes seems to be well known (with Americans?) but was a surprise for me.
The Golem and the Djinni is fantasy mixed with history in the way it should be.
Playing With The Grown-ups (Dutch review) is like a piece of English pastry with a surprisingly tart undertone.
The Boys From Brazil definitely deserves the “classic” stamp.
The Circle terrified me because how close to reality it can well be. The 1984 of this century?
Kindred is a classic for another reason, (but still) needs to be read by everybody.
The Adoration of Jenna Fox (Dutch review) is another cruel YA story that makes you ponder about ethics and parental rights.
Habibi (Dutch review) is the most beautiful and mind-blowing graphic brick of a book I read this year.
Everything I Never Told You shows how the little stories can carry a lot of hurt.