Obvious Child

85 min. 

Do you miss the (eighties/nineties) romcoms that weren’t plastic, painfully unfunny and kind of offensive? Boy, do I come to save your day.

obvious-child-posterObvious Child is girl gets cheated on, girls meets new boy under weird circumstances, boy turns out to be really just what girl needs.
Yes, the synopsis and reviews may make it out to be the Abortion Movie, the one movie that dares to show women easily deciding on having one and not burning in hell for it, but really, that’s almost a foot note.

This movie is about Donna and her relationships. With friends, with family, with men that are and aren’t bastards (it’s also very satisfying how little screen time the cheater gets).

Squeal your way through absurd adorableness and realise that not the entire roster of 21st century romcoms are horrible.

Obvious Child, Rooks Nest Entertainment 2014

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